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October 2018
Flames of Freedom read at Richard Harris International Film Festival in Limerick.

May, August 2018
Research visits to Ireland, meeting historians for Imogen.

January to May 2018
Cruise to New Zealand to see Imogen; write TV series.

January 2018
De Warrenne Pictures signs Letter of Intent to produce Flames of Freedom.

November 2017
Peadar Clancy of Limerick rewrites script for screenplay of Flames of Freedom.

June 2017
The screenplay of Flames of Freedom is offered to producers.

May 2017
Druid Script Submission 2016/2017: We will be in touch as soon as possible.

December 2016
Your scripts (of Flames of Freedom and The CIA Coup in Iran) have been accepted and are being sent to Druids Reading Panel for assessment. 

February 2015
Irish Flames and Atlantic Affair are now available as eBooks from all the major suppliers such as Amazon.

November 2014
Peter Fernie, the Editor of the Irish Cruising Club, reviewed Atlantic Affair for the Autumn Edition of their Newsletter. He says:  “This is a family memoir recounting the life of a charismatic ICC member Capt. Otway Waller, whose tumultuous life straddled a chaotic time, which included the Irish war of independence and the first and second world wars. Of interest to sailors is his single handed crossing of the Bay of Biscay, and then on to the Canaries.” 

September 2014
Flames of Freedom cancelled in Cork - An adaptation of Flames of Freedom by Jennifer Rogers, booked to run at the Everyman’s Theatre in Cork for the last week in September, has been cancelled because of lack of funding. Alternative means of production are being sought.

May 2014
Dear John,

I write to confirm that FLAMES OF FREEDOM is set to be staged Sep 21-30 2014 at The Everyman Cork.

Pre-production will commence in June and rehearsals are expected to commence in August.

Jennifer Rogers,
Artistic Director, Roundhouse Productions, Cork

November 2013
I am pleased to enter into a process with Roundhouse Productions of script development for the Project Flames of Freedom with a view to a full production (funding permitting) in 2014 of the agreed final draft. This first production will take place at the Everyman, Cork and be a co-production between The Everyman and Roundhouse Productions (with the possibility of involvement from other production partners both in Ireland and abroad). The terms of this co-production relationship are yet to be agreed.

The development of the script will be collaboration between Michael Barker-Caven and Jennifer Rogers and will culminate in a private reading, followed by a potential workshop week with actors (again funding dependent).

Michael Barker-Caven,
Artistic Director, The Everyman Theatre, Cork

October 2012
No questioning the calibre and pertinence of the story for a contemporary audience’ Druid Galway.

The ‘pertinence of the story’ – the fight for freedom in Ireland against occupiers – is highlighted in the following contemporary news stories:

The international community has been hand-holding Afghanistan for long enough and Kabul should now be left to get on with running the country without the west's constant interference, the British ambassador in Kabul has said.   Sir Richard Stagg said it was also clear that the Taliban accepted they needed to be involved in peace and reconciliation talks over the next two years if they were to have any hope of sharing power.    Read more ...

The retreat of western forces from Afghanistan could come sooner than expected, the head of Nato has said as he conceded that the recent Taliban strategy of "green on blue" killings had been successful in sapping morale.    Read more ...

Two Americans were killed in Afghanistan during an exchange of fire between Nato-led forces and the Afghan army that may have been the result of a misunderstanding, as the death toll of US military and civilian personnel passed 2,000.    Read more ...

June 2006
On Tuesday June 20th the film the Wind that Shakes the Barley had its Irish premiere in Cork. The following morning the director Ken Loach was due to appear on RTÉ Radio 1’s ‘Morning Ireland’ show. However, John Waller launched his book Irish Flames – the Arrival of the Black and Tans on the show and received extra time as Ken Loach did not appear. In the successful promotion tour on radio stations around the country, John was repeatedly asked if his was the book of the film. The book had to be reprinted before the end of the month.

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